I will not be passed over



Eliza Doolittle: I don’t care how you treat me. I don’t mind your swearing at me. I shouldn’t mind a black eye; I’ve had one before this. But I won’t be passed over!

You go, girl!

Feelings of inadequacy and inferiority have been creeping in and out of my mind today as I’ve thought about my blogging, my skills and talents (or lack of) and life.  But I’ve managed to stand up to those negative thoughts and shoo them away.  By the end of this day, I hope to have stamped those feelings out completely and tomorrow they will know that I will not be knocked back by them any more.

I was looking through the photos on the laptop and found some of my recent art.   It’s not completed because those negative thoughts that told me to give up won.  I am good and I’ll tell those nasty voices that tell me I’m not good enough that I will not be passed over!



Do Disrupt

Do disrupt the ‘normal’ routine – have breakfast in bed at night.  To be fair, I do that every night.  That’s my normal routine.  If I were to change the status quo, I wouldn’t have cereal at bedtime.

The book was on my bedside table and I, very naughtily, without thinking, placed my bowl of cereal on it.  Not something I normally do.

Still, it gave me something to snap and post.