Behind Closed Doors


doorAs I locked up for the night, I remembered today’s  daily prompt, which is the word, ‘unseen’.

Immediately, the phrase, ‘behind closed doors’ came to mind.

Behind the doors of the family home, it’s nice to imagine laughter and joy – to see it as a place of comfort and refuge.  Of course there will be the everyday chaos and bickering but that’s to be expected.  We can be comfortable with the awareness of the unseen, knowing that these things don’t need to be seen.

But then there’s the unseen things behind closed doors, which, if they were seen, could save a soul from a most sad situation.

It reminds me of how I used to hate it when people would say, ‘you make a lovely couple,’ to my ex and me.  If only they could see behind his fun, friendly act and my put-on smile.  If only the unseen could be observed.


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